Mirror kisses soaking wet

I experimented with pink eyeshadow, orange lipstick and far heavier blusher than I would ever have applied normally, managed to discover exactly the right shade of red lipstick, and became convinced that maybe it was worth giving purple eyeshadow a whirl, after all.

Although she knew it was the mirror that made her look bigger, she still found herself believing that she was bigger then she actually was.

Enjoyable. Natalie is a little too shy, and does not drink/swallow, but she has real potential to be a great pisser and model. I would like to se eher perform again when she is a little more confident. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with her upside down pissing and swatching her fuck the dildo against the mirror - very nice!

Claire is being a naughty little girl.  Her wet diaper starts to make her feel fussy, but instead of calling Mommy for help, she decides to take it off all by herself.  Of course, Claire gets caught in the act, and quickly finds herself bent over Mommy Winnie's lap for a spanking.  Afterward, Claire has to sit back down on her open wet diaper while she waits for her Mommy to change her.

One of the many things "Friends" taught us is that any healthy relationship should have a list: the official record of the celebrities that each person is allowed to sleep with, if given the chance. We all have our Hollywood dream kisses, but what is it actually like to smooch a celebrity? We can probably get a pretty clear picture through A-listers' reflections on their big-screen kisses. From "Spider-Man" to "American Hustle" (with a little Oprah in between), here's a closer look at a handful of stars dissecting some of their most famous lip-locks.

Mirror Kisses Soaking WetMirror Kisses Soaking WetMirror Kisses Soaking Wet